What mass of lead (ii)trioxonitrate(v)pb (No3)2 would be required to yield 25g of pbcl on the addition of excess of Nacl solution (Pb=207,N=14,O=16,Na=23,Cl=35.5)

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asked by Ada
  1. If your equation is
    Pb(NO3)2 + 2NaCl → PbCl + 2NaNO3
    then each mole of Pb(NO3)2 yields one mole of PbCl.
    So, how many moles of PbCl do you have in 25 grams?
    convert that to grams of Pb(NO3)2

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    posted by oobleck
  2. You need to start over. Lead(II) chloride is PbCl2. Enough said?
    And lead (II) trioxonitrate(V) is not an IUPAC approved name for lead(II) nitrate

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