on one of last week homeworks i got this one wrong can someone explain to me what is the correct format.

The demand supply equations for a certain item are given by:
D= -5p+40

The correct answer was:


how do you get to this answer because i've tried it and it doesn't come out.

i know that is Supply = demand then bring everything over to the right to be : 0 =p^2-35p+48 well that's how i started to do it but when i got to the answer i had it incorrect so can someone show me the correct way. Thank you ...any help is appreciative.

your quadratic equation is correct, but when I solved it by the formula i got
p=1.3215, you were close.

show me how you are using the formula, I can't tell your mistake otherwise.

how did you get p=1.3215 if the correct answer is $1.43 that is what the teacher gave us.

why don't you try to substitude x = 1.43 into the equation x^2 + 35x + 48 = 0

It does not work!
My answer works.

Two possibilities:
1. you copied the equations incorrectly
2. your teacher gave you the wrong answer.

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