Plz help!!!! The JayC dealership tracks its car sales based on the type of car. The graph shows the percent of sales that were Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) for the years (2010–2015).
​Explain what year is represented by an x-value of 3 on the graph.
Write the equation of the line of best fit in the graph. Define your variables and include the units.
What does the slope of the line represent in this problem situation?

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  1. hard to say, with no graph.
    I suspect, though, that x=3 means the year 2013.
    As with any line, the slope is the rate of change -- in this case the average yearly sales increase.

    The equation will be of the form y = mx+b
    where b is the y-intercept.
    Use any point on the line to figure out the slope m.

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