A tired squirrel (mass of 1kg) does push-ups by applying a force to elevate it's center of mass by 5cm. Determine the number of push-ups which a tired squirrel must do in order to do a mere 5.0joules of work.

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  1. the squirrel's weight is ... m g = 9.8 N

    work = force * distance = 9.8 * .05 * p = 5.0 J

    solve for p (the number of push-ups)

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  2. A tired squirrel (mass of approximately 1 kg) does push-ups by applying a force to elevate its center-of-mass by 5 cm in order to do a mere 0.50 Joule of work. If the tired squirrel does all this work in 2 seconds, then determine its power.

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