Please check my work. This refers to "The Box House and the Snow" story.

In the box house, the first person to wake up the days of the snowstorm is the...

A. The daughter
B. The father
C. The mother
D. A reporter

2. When the daughter first hears about the snowstorm, she...
A. Cries
C. Collapses
D. Sighs

3. The father gives the mother the job of...
A. Keeping the daughter happy.
B. Shoveling the snow off the roof
C.Swabbing the house's walls
D. Talking to the news team

4. One likely reason the father thinks his house is perfec is that...
A. Nobody else has one like it.
B. It is just like everyone else's house.
C. The daughter tells him so
D. Everyone tells him so.

5. On p.96, when the mother pats the daughter's foot, the reader can tell that the mother is...
A. Planning to stay with the daughter
B. Afraid the daughter won't let her go.
C. Trying to reassure the daughter
D. Frustrated with the father.

6. Based on the way the father acts on p.89-90, how does he feel about the snow?
A. Amazed
B. Pleased
C. Bored
D. Anxious

7. On p.84, collectively means
A. From far away
B. As a group
C. Partially
D. Eagerly

8. Which is closest to the meaning of heroic on p.85?
A. Impressive
B. Lifesaving
C. Honorable
D. Terrifying

9. On p.85 when the story says the entire night sky was blanched, it means the sky was
A. Moonless
B. Starry
C. Black
D. White

10. Which of these events happens just after the mother reassures the father that his house is more perfect than the rest?
A. The mother promises to bring the daughter a treat
B. The daughter floods the house with tears.
C. The news team ask to interview the daughter
D. The father lures the news team to his house.

11. Which of the following events happens last in the story?
A. The daughter cries and floods the house
B.The father is interviewed by a television reporter.
C. The father blames the daughter for letting the water in.
D. The mother has trouble sleeping and leaves the house

12. Which of the following is a main problem for the daughter?
A. She has to take responsibility for holding up the ceiling of the house.
B. She needs to convince her father the box house is perfect.
C. She has to help her mother by doing more at home.
D. She wants to spend more time doing things outside the house.
12. A

Please let me know if I'm correct!

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  1. i took the test this morning. 4, 8, and 11 are wrong. You didn't give 10 an answer

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  2. I'll post all the right answer in a little!

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  3. 1. the father
    3.swabbing the house's walls
    4.nobody else has one like it
    5.trying to reassure the daughter
    7.as a group
    10.The father lures the news team to his house
    11.The father blames the daughter for letting the water in
    12.She has to take responsibility for holding up the ceiling of the house
    13.(its not that hard just find a word you don"t know and say the word then write (I did not know that word___________ until i looked it up in a dictionary.) or you can switch up the words some)

    Sorry this is long i wront the answer out cuse i know teacher move the answers around like it might me a or me but d or c for you. Have a good rest of you day and pls be safe=)

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  4. ps i got an 8/12 but theis are the correct answers =) and thats a promies!

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  5. yo Zara jenny thx i got 100%

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  6. thanks zara :D

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