Career Exploration

1. A hospital data entry professional is part of what career area?
A) support services
B)consumer services
C)health informatics**
D)therapeutic services

2. A marriage and family therapist is part of what career area?
A)therapeutic services
B)support services
C)counseling and mental health**
D)personal care

3. Therapeutic services pays less than most other careers?

4. FCCLA would be a good option if you were thinking about which career?
A)biotech researcher
C)insurance records assistant
D)school social worker**

5. Some social workers work in hospitals?

6. Which of the following careers is NOT part of the career areas we discussed in this unit?
A)preschool teacher
B)special education teacher working with two-year-olds
C)elementary school teacher**
D)school social worker

7. Informatics includes all support staff at a hospital?

8. Empathy means that you can communicate well with others

9.A pharmacist is part of the biotechnology research area

10. A nurse is part of what career pathway

11. what do cosmetologist and barbers do
A)treat skin conditions
B)cut and style hair**
C)provide facials
D)do massages

12. All counselors and therapist have at least a four-year degree

13. Which of the following careers does NOT work with patients or the public
A)social worker
B)laboratory technician**
C)hair stylist
D)substance abuse counselor

14. What does a pharmacist do
A)dispense medication
B)develop new medications
C)test the safety of medications
D)prescribe medications**

15. Early childhood education professionals work with
D)any child preschool age or less**

Can you please check this

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  1. When a tutor comes on that is qualified to check your answers... they will do it : )

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  2. 4 — I have no idea what FCCLA is
    6 — no idea what you discussed in class
    8 — maybe
    14 — disagree
    I agree with all the rest.

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  3. thank you

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  4. You're welcome!

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  5. Did you get it right?

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  6. Quiz: Careers in Health Sciences & Human Services Quiz
    1) a
    2) c
    3) a
    4) d
    5) d
    6) a
    7) c
    8) c
    9) b
    10) a
    11) a
    12) a
    13) b
    14) a
    15) a

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  7. my bad number 10 is b

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  8. 1.C

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  9. i got you is wrong

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  10. what is it? written out anwsers?
    not abcd please

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  11. Don't know 1,2,5,10,11,12,13,15.
    3 is B
    4 is D
    6 is C
    7 is B
    8 is B
    9 is B
    14 is A

    Sorry my test is different those are the answers i got right from my test.

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