So i have a semester exam and i am super stressed out. i have a question that says to simplify the expression squareroot of 1/196
the square root of plain ol 196 is 14, so would the answer to this question be 1/14 or just 14? im confuzzled. please help. this is honors algebra lesson 2 semester exam

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  1. (1/14) * (1/14) = 1 / 196

  2. so the answer is 1/14?

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  3. when something times itself is it
    something is the square root of it
    of course - something also works

  4. 4 times 4 = 16
    4 is the square root of 16
    so is -4
    because -4 * -4 = same old 16

  5. Ok thank you!

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  6. wait 16 isnt an answer?

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  7. wait, i get it, so the answer is 1/14

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  8. Thanks!

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  9. so I would say 1/14
    but you may not have covered the -1/14 part in class.

  10. no i dont think i did... but thank you so much, your help is apreciated!

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  11. You are welcome.

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