US History

Question 1(Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

[08.06 MC]

How did the election of Ulysses S. Grant affect the voting rights of African Americans?
Grant received fewer votes in the North, so the Civil Rights Act of 1866 was enacted to protect African American rights.
Grant received fewer votes in the North, so the Fifteenth Amendment was passed to allow male African Americans the vote.
Grant received fewer votes in the South, so the Civil Rights Act of 1866 was enacted to protect African American rights.
Grant received fewer votes in the South, so the Fifteenth Amendment was passed to enfranchise all African Americans.


Question 2(Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

[08.01 MC]

What did Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, and Delaware have in common during the Civil War?
They all declared their neutrality during the war.
They were all slave states that had remained in the Union.
They were the first Confederate states to be captured by the Union army.
They freed their slaves before the Emancipation Proclamation was issued.


Question 3(Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

[08.02 LC]

A resource comparison of the Union and Confederacy during the Civil War. The title is Comparing Resources. The data are as follows. For each category, the Union percentage is listed first, the Confederate percentage, second. Horses, 72, 28, Food Crops, 72, 28, Cotton, 1, 99, Prewar Exports, 30, 70, Soldiers, 67, 33, Firearm Production, 97, 3, Railroad Tracks, 71, 29, Factories, 86, 14, Bank Deposits, 81, 19, Total Population, 71, 29
Public Domain

During the Civil War, what percentage of the firearm production was controlled by the Union?


Question 4(Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

[08.02 HC]

How did the capture of Vicksburg, Mississippi, take advantage of a Confederate weakness?
The Confederacy had few soldiers and relied on its well-trained generals to win battles.
The Confederacy had few weapons manufacturers and relied on Vicksburg for ammunition.
The Confederacy had few railroads and relied on the Mississippi River for transportation.
The Confederacy had few ships and relied on Vicksburg to build and maintain them.


Question 5(Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

[08.04 MC]

Effects of the American Civil War Social Costs. Total Forces: Union, 1,556,678, Confederate, 1,082,119. Death from Wounds, Union, 110,070, Confederate, 94,000. Death from Disease, Union, 249,458, Confederate, 164,000. Wounded, Union, 275,175, Confederate, 100,000. Total Deaths, Union, 359,528, Confederate, 258,000. Total Wounded and Deaths, Union, 634,703, Confederate, 358,000.
Public Domain

Look at the graph. What would be an example of a social cost stemming from this data?
More deaths mean more disease in the population.
More deaths mean more battles.
More deaths mean fewer national elections.
More deaths mean fewer workers.


Question 6(Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

[07.05 LC]

The writings of Transcendentalists had the greatest influence on which of the following movements?
Labor movement
Women's movement
Civil rights movement
Counterculture movement


Question 7(Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

[08.01 HC]

Read the passage and answer the question that follows:

John Brown, supported by abolitionists and Republicans, tried to start a slave revolt. Therefore be it resolved that the defense of slavery is a common cause to all Southern states. At the call of any Southern state, we are authorized to send troops and money to defend it.—North Carolina resolution in response to the raid on Harper's Ferry, 1859

What prediction could be made based on this passage?
The election of a Republican president will be seen by Southern states as an attack on slavery.
The election of a Republican president will be seen by Southern states as a compromise on slavery.
The increased sectionalism of the South and North will decrease pressure on Southern states to secede.
The increased sectionalism of the South and North will increase the potential for slave revolts.


Question 8(Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

[08.05 MC]

Which answer best describes President Johnson's role in Reconstruction?
Johnson wanted to forgive the Southern states and restore order by granting equal rights to the former slaves.
Johnson wanted to fine the Southern states for starting the Civil War and readmit them to the United States only after they paid a large fine.
Johnson rejected many of the goals of Reconstruction by vetoing bills that would increase the rights of the former slaves.
Johnson followed Abraham Lincoln's plans for Reconstruction, supporting bills that increased the rights of the former slaves.


Question 9(Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

[07.06 MC]

The image is of a painting named Camp Meeting, by M. Dubourg from 1819. The painting shows a group of people gathered around an outdoor stage. Some of the people are depicted as praying on their knees. The background of the painting shows that the meeting area is surrounded by tents.
Library of Congress

Use the image above to answer the following question:

Camp meetings, like the one in the picture above, were thought to inspire which of the following?
Men and women to give their lives to God
Men and women to accept and pray for sinners
Men to treat slaves, women, and immigrants as equals
Women to assume leadership positions in the community


Question 10(Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

[08.02 MC]

Graphic Organizer. One central bubble surrounded by four others. Four arrows extend from the central bubble. The center reads, Advantages of the North. The other four read, starting from upper left and moving clockwise, More Industrial Capacity, Larger Population, Greater supply of natural resources, and a question mark.

Which phrase best completes the diagram?
Better transportation systems
More experienced commanders
Greater commitment to the cause
Stronger support of the civilian population


Question 11(Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

[07.05 MC]

Which factor contributed most to the increased importance of literature in American culture during the 19th century?
The success of major social-reform movements
The spread of utopian communities throughout the nation
The migration of European intellectuals to the United States
The greater availability of books, magazines, and newspapers


Question 12(Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

[08.03 LC]

Which statement reflects the status of Florida during the Civil War?
The Confederacy ceded Florida to the Union army midway through the war.
The Confederacy maintained control of Florida throughout the war.
The Union took coastal strongholds, but the Confederacy kept the interior.
The Union took much of the north, but the Confederacy held the south.


Question 13(Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

[08.05 MC]

Black and white cartoon. First panel shows a tiny man on a ladder, pulling a large book off a bookshelf. Caption, This little boy would persist in handling books above his capacity. Second panel shows man flat on his back on the floor with book, titled Constitution of U.S., on top of him.
Public Domain

What was the effect of this cartoon in 1867?
It demonstrated the weakness of the veto power.
It showed that the president was well equipped for his job.
It emphasized the authority of the U.S. Constitution.
It validated the need for more control of the presidency.


Question 14(Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

[07.04 MC]

Which of the following best describes the main motivating factor that encouraged women to fight for suffrage in the 1800s and early 1900s?
They felt they had a civic duty to improve society.
They felt their rights to earn money were being attacked.
They felt men had done a poor job of running things so far.
They felt afraid of the sitting Congress's attitude toward women.


Question 15(Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

[07.02 MC]

Why did many plantation owners not want to educate their slaves?
Because an educated slave would be more difficult to control
Because an uneducated slave would not be able to take over the plantation
Because an educated slave was more likely to find jobs off the farm
Because an uneducated slave could more easily work machines


Question 16(Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

[08.02 MC]

Which of these statements best compares the economic development of the North and South during the first half of the 19th century?
More factories and railroad lines were built in the North than in the South.
The North developed more trade connections with Europe than the South did.
Land values in the North increased more quickly than land values in the South.
Exporting agricultural goods became more important to the North than to the South.


Question 17(Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

[08.03 LC]

What were the consequences of General William Tecumseh Sherman's March to the Sea?
Heavy Northern casualties
Property destruction in the South
Recapturing of Savannah by the South
The loss of Maryland to the North


Question 18(Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

[08.05 LC]

Mei-li is from China, and she would like to become a U.S. citizen. Which subjects will be included on the citizenship test Mei-li must take?
U.S. economics, math, and vocabulary
U.S. history, civics, the English language
U.S. geography, the English language, and reading
U.S. civics, economics, and math


Question 19(Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

[08.03 LC]

General William Tecumseh Sherman's March to the Sea was made possible by the Union capture of which of these Southern cities?


Question 20(Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

[08.04 MC]

Which of these factors influenced President Lincoln's decision to finally issue the Emancipation Proclamation?
Military victories by the Union Army
The need to draft emancipated slaves
The secession of several border states
Strong lobbying by prominent abolitionists


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