Three bags containing different number of wooden cubes are dropped from the same height. Which of the following statements is true?
A) Bag A has more kinetic energy than Bag C as it falls
B) Bag C has the most kinetic energy before it was release
C) Bag B has less kinetic energy than Bag A as it falls.**
D) Bag A has the least potential energy when it is dropped

(Bag A has 4 wooden cubes)
(Bag B has 2 wooden cubes)
(Bad C has 5 wooden cubes)

The answer can't be D because all bags are being dropped from the same height.
It can't be A, because Bag A has less mass and weight, therefore less kinetic energy than Bag C.
So it's either B or C.
I'm going with C, Is this correct?

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  1. It can't be B because BEFORE it is dropped it is all potential energy. Before it is dropped it has no KE.

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  2. Oh, okay! Thank you. I'm assuming it is C then. I did think B sounded a little off. I appreciate the response. Have a nice day!

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  3. I agree with C. BTW, the problem SHOULD say that the blocks were the same size and and were of the same material OR that they weighed the same. Technically I don't think the problem can be answered.

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  4. SO whats the answer???

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