In 3–5 sentences, describe flood mitigation techniques the federal government might use.

I just need ideas or maybe links to websites I can research at. Thanks!

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  1. I found this on "Brainly" and thought it would be a good kick-starter for you:

    Improving drainage in the cities by ensuring that drainage channels are large enough to handle flood waters and that they are never blocked. Clogged drainages impede flow of water  resulting to a rise in water levels in the city.

    Ensure proper enforcement of laws that ensure that people do not settle on wetlands and riparian land. Wetlands are natural drainages for water and settling on them is akin to blocking drainages in a built environment.

    Constructing flood gates and flood walls to redirect floodwaters away from populated areas. This is especially implemented in built environments that are in low-lying lands and prone to flooding.

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  2. Hi

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