An electronics store offers its employees two different compensation plans. Employees on plan A earn $500 per week plus a 25% commission on their weekly sales of the products. Employees on Plan B earn $750 per week plus a 15% commission on their weekly sales of the products. Which inequality describes the amount in sales each week, x dollars, for which employees on plan A earn more than employees on Plan B? A)x<1250 B)x>1250 C)x<2500 D)x>2500

Could you please write down the calculating procedures? Thanks a lot.

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  1. Plan A
    earnings = 500 + .25x

    Plan B
    earnings = 750 + .15x , where x is the amount of sales in each case

    When is PlanA > PlanB ?
    500 + .25x > 750+.15x
    .1x > 250
    x > 2500

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