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Math - Graphing and writing inequalities.
1. write the inequality for the graph.
open circle on 2.
A. x<2
B. x_<2
C. x>2
D. x_>2

2. write the inequality for the graph.
closed circle on -4.25.
A. x<4.25
B. x_<4.25
C. x>4.25
D. x_>4.25

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  1. #1 either A or C, depending on where the number line is shaded
    #2 same idea, but B or D

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  2. help me

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  3. A

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  4. Connexus answers is correct!!

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  5. *connexus answers* has the correct answers thank you so much

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  6. Thank you ~connexus answers~

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  7. i don't think this is helping with my question can you help me my question is how to answer the questions in 3rd grade math fractions and regions quiz please help me

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  8. L mans

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  9. What about the practice answers? There are 8 questions.

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