Compare the graph of a compound inequality involving "and" with the graph of a compound inequality involving "or"

My answer:
A graph using an inequality "and" means that, on a line, the two points they are between forms a segment, while and inequality involving "or" means that it forms a line going in two different directions

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  1. No.
    And allows two regions of a domain , such as 2<x<5 and 12<x<13 to be allowed values
    Or allows only one or the other region to be allowed values, but not both.

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  2. Plotting -5 ≤ x < 8, which means x ≥ -5 AND x < 8

    plotting x ≤ -5 OR x > 8
    would have a closed little circle at the -5 with an arrow to the left, and an open little circle at the 8 with an arrow going to the right.

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