A computer is normally $550 but is discounted to $385. What percent of the original price does Mark pay?
A. 16.5%
B. 30%
C. 65%
**D. 70%

The $199.99 digital camera Anne purchased was on sale for 15% off. What amount did Anne get off the price?
A. $15
B. $20
**C. $30
D. $40

A company spends 13% of its monthly budget on rent, which totals $2600. Which proportion can be used to calculate the company’s total monthly budget?
A. x/100 = 2600/13
B. x/100 = 13/2600
C. 13/100 = x/2600
**D. 13/100 = 2600/x

Mrs. Jones sells houses. She gets a 5% commission on all sales. How much commission would she earn on a house that sells for $200,000?

A. $5,000
**B. $10,000
C. $50,000
D. $100,000

Karen deposits $375 into a savings account which earns simple interest at a rate of 4% per year. She wants to use the interest to buy a new camera. Which price camera could Karen buy at the end of 5 years? Select all that apply.

A. $764
**B. $52
**C. $38
**D. $75
E. $320
F. $249

Clay has $60.00. He wants to leave a 20% tip on his restaurant bill. On which bill total could Clay leave a 20% tip? Select all that apply.

**A. $48.53
**B. $49.75
C. $44.99
D. $61.60
E. $58.80
**F. $50.00

The sales tax rate in Connecticut is 6.35%. Megan wants to buy a jacket with a $45.00 price tag. She has a gift card to the store she wants to use. What amount needs to be on the gift card for Megan to be able to buy the jacket using only the gift card? Select all that apply.

A. $2.86
**B. $47.86
C. $45.00
D. $47.70
E. $35.29
**F. $48.25

An office supply store carries an all-in-one printer with a regular price of $240. The printer is on sale at 15% off. In addition, the store is offering a $20 mail-in rebate. How much will it cost a customer to purchase this printer, including 5% sales tax on the in-store purchase price?

**A. $194.20
B. $232.00
C. $193.20
D. $184.00

Luke bought a pair of jeans originally priced at $69.00. The jeans have been marked down 25%, and a sign posted on the rack where he found them says, “10% additional discount given at register.” Which calculation will give the price that Luke will pay for the jeans, not including sales tax?

A. 69 (0.35)
B. (0.65)
**C. 69 (0.75) (0.90)
D. 69 (0.25) (0.10)

A restaurant bill is $84.97. Complete the table to find the estimated value of the tip in each case? Round your answer to the nearest hundredth of a dollar.

Tip - Estimate Value
0% - **$17
15% - **$13

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  1. Wish you would have numbered your questions

    1 ✔, 2 ✔, 3 (has 2 correct answers , 4✔ , 5✔,
    6 (you missed one) , 7✔, 8✔, 9✔, 10 ????

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  2. Answers are if your a connexus academy student
    1- D
    2- C
    3- D
    4- B
    5- B, C, D
    6- A, B, F
    7- B, F
    8- A
    9- C
    10- 20% = $16.99 15% = $12.75
    All answers are 100% correct! thank me later

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  3. VV Is correct for connexus students

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  4. VV is right

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  5. thank you vv yo helped me not fail math :D

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  6. Lol VV made diffrent names and added those comments VV is 100% Wrong trust me I tried it and got a fail.

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  7. vv right?

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