US History

12. What was a common role of working children in urban centers during the period of industrialization?

They would help their parents operate small businesses and learn the family trade.

They would go into small spaces of the machines in factories that adults could not reach.

They were used to translate messages from their parents’ managers into English.

They would participate in a work-study program where they went to school and did paid labor.

13.What was a conflict between ranchers and cowboys that often led to violence?

how much cowboys should be paid for the cattle they found

who could marry one of the few women in town

whether the land should be fenced

where cattle should be sent once caught

14.Why was the steel-faced plow an important invention?

Most homestead farms in the Midwest prospered during this time because they worked more efficiently.

Farmers were able to produce higher quality crops and sell them for larger profits.

The plow was affordable and was better suited to the grasslands of the Midwest.

Using this plow was better for the environment and allowed for more sanitary working conditions.

15.What was a consequence of the Wounded Knee Massacre?

The U.S. government signed the Second Treaty of Laramie and pushed Indians onto more remote reservations.

American Indians were angry that their land continued to be taken from them and they began to protest more forcefully.

More Americans saw the Indians as less than human and thought that they all needed to be killed or imprisoned.

Violent Native American resistance to the U.S. government largely came to an end.

16.Which of the following did most Chinese immigrants in the late 1800s come to America to accomplish?

make enough money to buy land and bring their families to America later

become wealthy by finding gold and then return home to their families in China

work as migrant farmers until they made enough money to start their own farms

work for ranchers so that they could take part in the cattle industry

My answers. BCAAB

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  1. I agree with all of your answers.

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