1. Which is one reason there was conflict between the colonists and Britain? (1 point)

A. British citizens held violent protests in the colonies.
B.Colonists were taxed by Parliament for whose members colonists could not vote.
C.Colonists would not recognize the rights of British citizens
D.British citizens did not have the right to participate in the colonial legislature.

2. Which was a benefit Georgia received as a result of the French and Indian War? (1 point)

A.Georgia entered into a new trading partnership with France.
B.Georgia's borders were extended.
C.Britain passed the Stamp and Sugar Acts.
D.Georgia signed a treaty with Spain securing Georgia's southern frontier.

3. Which accurately describes the Proclamation of 1763? (1 point)

A.It declared the colonies independent from Britain.
B.It established a representative colonial government.
C.It reserved land west of the Appalachians for Native Americans.
D.It renewed enforcement of the Navigation Acts in the colonies.

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