Which of the following statements about line graphs is true.
A. The dependent variable is on the horizontal axis.
B. Line graphs are always straight lines.
C. Every data point should be shown on a line graph.
D. There is a maximum number of data points that can be used in a graph.


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  1. , its obviusly B

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  2. what about the rest of the test

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  3. A i swear it is A i promise

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  4. i telling the truth it is not B

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  5. stormy is right it is not b so imma go with his answer on A

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  6. So it’s B?

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  7. Honestly this is just my opinion I don’t think it’s b

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  9. its c

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  10. i agree with stormy its is a i think my two answers are either a or c

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  11. Its not A

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  12. Answer whats the final answer also are thier any people from connexes? I am in 6th grade to. 2020!

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