Which statement about the sum of two additive inverses is true? Select all that apply.

The sum is 1.

The sum is zero.

The sum must be a positive number.

The sum must be a negative number.

The addends are the same number with opposite signs.

The addends are the same number with the same signs.

Choose two

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  1. a number and its additive inverse add to 0 (the additive identity)
    Surely you can pick out the other choice. Play around with a few numbers.

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  2. ok thx

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  3. can you help me with another one?

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  4. B,E

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  5. Full test plz

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  6. cant I'm doing it now

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  7. ill give it to you soon

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  8. umm its been a month and u havnt give us the answers, but its fine if u forgot.

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  9. a

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  10. Who got the full test answers ?

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