Communication Class

1.Which of the following is NOT a key listening skills
A. Remembering
B. Responding
C. Repeating
D. Evaluating*********

2. Which of the following is true of listening
A. It is a biological process
B. It is a Voluntary process
C. It is a verbal process ****
D. It is an elemental process
3. Helen is trying to figure out Joshua‘s intention when he said they should go on a date was he serious or just kidding around this is an example of _____ A message
A. Remembering
B. Responding to*****
C. Repeating
D. Evaluating
4. Responding to a persons message by repeating what do you think they meant is
A. Active listening
B. Inactive listening
C.empathic listening
D. Sympathetic listening

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  1. # 4 is A

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  2. Agree with all except 3.

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