An enclosed field is made up of three sections:

• One section is a 10-yard by 10-yard square.

• Another section is a larger square.

• A third section is rectangular with a width of 10 yards. It shares a side with the larger square. The total area of the enclosed field is 975 square yards.
Part 1
What is the area, in square yards, of the smallest section? (Use only the digits 0 – 9 to enter a number.)
Part 2
What is the area, in square yards, of the largest section? (Use only the digits 0 – 9 to enter a number.)
Part 3
What is the area, in square yards, of the remaining section? (Use only the digits 0 – 9 to enter a number.)

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  1. You know, if you want to ask a question, that's fine. But do not include instructions and warnings that may appear in your assignment.

    If the larger square has side x, then the area of the strip is 10x.
    Since x > 10, 10x > 100, and x^2 > 100, so the 10x10 square is the smallest section.

    ?? Since you give no value for x, it is hard to some up with a number for the other two sections. All we know is that their combined area is 975-100.

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