social studies

How were people of Chinese and Hispanic backgrounds treated differently from each other in America in the late 1800s?
The Chinese people could easily get high-paying jobs while Hispanics had some of the lowest paying jobs.
Hispanics were allowed to become American citizens, but the Chinese people were not able to become U.S. citizens.
Hispanics were not considered to be equal by most white settlers, while the Chinese were regarded as equal.
The Chinese were forced to integrate into American society while Hispanics were allowed to maintain their culture.

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  1. And your answer?

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    Ms. Sue
  2. I think it's d. because I remember something about the being forced to integrate.

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  3. I think it's B

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  4. I think you're right.

    But check your assignment to be sure.

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    Ms. Sue
  5. See the third paragraph here:

    What does this mean? ... to preventing naturalization ...

    You should double check your text and/or use Google to see if the same thing happened to immigrants from Mexico.

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