Hi I was wondering if u could check my answers for the early Americans European settlement unit test for 8th grade connexus🙂

1. How did the vast incan empire address the problem caused by its size?

D: by building an advanced system of roads

2. Which statement presents a belief that native Americans held about land rights

B: the individual rights to use land were temporary

3. Read the following quote from your textbook about the Iroquois tribe "blah blah blah"

C: women preformed domestic duties and household functions

4. tlThe Columbian exchange had deadly effects such as

C: spreading measles, Smallpox, and typhus throughout Europe

If you have the rest of the answers please put them so I can check the rest of my answers when I am finished with the test 😁 thank you! 🤪

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  1. It's hard to tell the right answers when you only posted one choice for each question. 4 is wrong.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. this is the whole test and all the options + what i have so far

    How did the vast Incan Empire address the problems caused by its size?

    -By dividing its people into self-sufficient territories
    -By creating a communication system based on glyphs
    -By devising a number system to count the population
    -By building an advanced system of roads****

    Which statement presents a belief that Native Americans held about land rights? *

    -A portion of land was to be set aside for future generations.
    -The individual rights to use land were temporary.****
    -The crops grew were to be shared by all
    -The present generation had the right to exploit the land.

    Read the following quote from your textbook about the Iroquois tribe.“Women chose clan leaders. A clan was a group of related families. If a clan leader did not do his job well, the women could remove him from his position.” What does this quote show us about women’s role in Iroquois society? *

    -Women had little respect in the tribe.
    -The Iroquois had a matrilineal society.
    -Women preformed domestic duties and household functions.****
    -Women had great influence in their communities.

    The Columbian Exchange had deadly effects such as

    -Infecting Native Americans with new and deadly diseases.
    -Robbing Native Americans of corn, tomatoes, tobacco, and cocoa.
    -Spreading measles, smallpox, and typhus throughout Europe.****
    -Bringing the bubonic plague and the Black Death to Florence, Italy.

    Which of the following best illustrates the process known as the Columbian Exchange? *

    -Asian goods moved long distances along the Silk Road to reach Europe.
    -Advances in technology allowed sailors to better navigate on the open seas.
    -Corn and tomatoes were introduced to Europe from America****
    -Christopher Columbus sailed west to reach Asia and encountered Native Americans.

    Based on what you know about Native American relationships with Spanish colonists, what can you infer about the way the Spanish viewed Native Americans? *

    -Spanish colonists saw Native Americans as their equals.
    -Spanish colonists felt that they were superior to Native Americans.
    -Spanish colonists admired Native Americans.
    -Spanish colonist preferred not to interact at all with Native Americans

    Which religious movement in Europe led to an increased interest in colonizing the Americas? *

    -The Renaissance
    -The Reformation
    -The Separation

    Read the following passage and answer the question. What effect did the Mayflower Compact have on the development of constitutional democracy in America? *

    *Captionless Image*

    -It allowed men who were not church members to vote
    -It stated that government must protect the religious rights of a small minority
    -It rested the authority of government on covenants or sacred agreements among the people themselves.
    -It called for a separation of church from government.

    Use the image above to answer the question. Which of the following was a strength of the Jamestown colony? *

    -Well trained colonists prepared to settle the new land.
    -Positive interactions with the local Native Americans
    -The location of the colony provided natural protection from invasion.
    -Fertile land to produce crops.

    How were indentured servants different from slaves? *

    -Indentured servants agreed to work for no money in exchange for land and tools after a certain period of time, while slaves were forced to work indefinitely.
    -Slaves were paid a small wage and indentured servants were forced to work for no money.
    -Indentured servants earned wages but slaves did not.
    -Indentured servants worked indefinitely and slaves agreed to work for five years in exchange for freedom at the end of the five years.

    How were the New England colonies different from the middle colonies? *

    -The New England were more culturally diverse than the middle colonies.
    -The New England colonies relied on farming, the middle colonies relied on fishing and shipbuilding.
    -The middle colonies had large port cities.
    -The New England colonies promoted education and established town schools.

    How did the Quakers’ religious beliefs affect the governments created in the middle colonies? *

    -Leaders were chosen by Divine Right and served life terms as rulers.
    -Leaders had limited powers and an elected assembly was established.
    -Women were elected into political positions.
    -Leaders established strict laws and codes of conduct for colonists to follow.

    Use the excerpt below to answer the question. Considering this reading and other readings from your text, which of the following made Pennsylvania under William Penn different from other colonies? *

    *Captionless Image*

    -Religious freedom was encouraged in Pennsylvania.
    -Colonists generally treated Native Americans with respect.
    -There was frequent conflict with Native Americans.
    -Some colonists were persecuted for their religious beliefs.

    Why was the Act of Toleration enacted? *

    -To provide freedom of religion for Jews
    -To safeguard freedom of worship to Catholics who founded Maryland.
    -To ensure African Americans could maintain their own religious practices.
    -To retain a separation between church and state

    Which of the following statements most accurately portrays life in the backcountry? *

    -Disputes and fighting over land and property made it difficult for settlers to come together as a community.
    -Most property owners were wealthy, and many lived on large, elegant plantations.
    -Farms were small and farmers were self-sufficient, making and growing enough to support their families.
    -Farms were large and needed a lot of enslaved Africans to support the crops harvested for trade.

    Use the chart to answer this question: Most settlers originated from... *

    *Captionless Image*

    -The Netherlands (Dutch)

    Use the chart to answer the question. How does the estimated population of Blacks in the Southern colonies change from 1700 – 1770? What might account for this change? (2 points) *

    *Captionless Image*

    How did the English Bill of Rights influence the colonies? *

    -It affirmed the idea that people have rights to uphold and protect
    -It stated that a ruler could raise taxes without the approval of parliament.
    -It promoted the government has the power that gives people rights.
    -It showed that people have the right of revolution.

    How did the colonial governments lay the foundation for representative government in the United States? Consider the role of governors, the role of assemblies, and the right to vote.

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  3. The answer for the one about women is wrong,

    I can't check any more without having the questions numbered.

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    Ms. Sue
  4. any updates ?????

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  5. wheres

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  6. Can you guys tell me the answers

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  7. Um we need answers pls

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