A group of students is arranging squares into layers to create a project. The first layer has 6 squares. The second layer has 12 squares. Which formula represents an arithmetic explicit formula to determine the number of squares in each layer?

a1 = 6; an = 6 + an − 1, n > 0

a1 = 6; an = 6 ⋅ an − 1, n > 0

a1 = 6; an = 6 ⋅ an + 1, n > 0

a1 = 6; an = 6 + an + 1, n > 0

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  1. You are adding 6 tiles to the layer before it, so I expect to see something like
    a(n-1) , not a(n+1)
    That rules out the last 2.
    The second says: "a new layer is 6 times that of the previous layer", which it clearly is not
    The first one says: " a new layer adds 6 to the previous layer", so what do you think?

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  2. Can we pls get the answer

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  3. Ur Mum

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  4. No.

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