Identify the prepositional phrases and the word each phrase modifies in the sentences below.Finally, write ADJ for adjective phrase and ADV for an adverb phrase. Hint: One sentence has more than one prepositional phrase.

1/ The display of bones and ivory tusks is very interesting.
Answer: prepositional phrase: (of bones and ivory tusks),, word modify: (display)(ADV)

2/ There is one sample tusk for visitors to touch.
Answer: prepositional phrase:(for visitors) and(to touch),,word modify:(tusk)and(visitors)(ADJ)

3/ A map on a poster shows the discovery sites of famous mammoth fossils.
Answer: prepositional phrase:(on a poster shows the discovery sites) and(of famous mammoth fossils) words modifies: (map)ADJ,,(discovery)ADV

4/ The tsunami model is the most informative of all the science fair projects.
Answer:prepositional phrase: (of all the science fair projects) word: (informative)ADV

5/ What does this model explain about the way that tsunamis develop?
Answer: prepositional phrase: ( about the way that tsunamis develop?) word modify: (explain)ADV

6/ A tsunami is the result of an earthquake or volcanos can activity.
Answer:( prepositional phrase: (of an earthquake or volcanic activity) word modify:(result)ADJ

7/ Anther interesting exhibit describes the formation of Amber.
Answer:prepositional phrase:(of Amber) word modify:(formation) ADJ

8/ Amber is the fossilized resin of trees.
Answer:( of trees) word modify:(resin)ADJ

9/ Amber specimens are displayed along timeline.
answer:( along timeline) word modify:(displayed) ADV

10/ In thirty minutes, the science fair concludes.
answer:prepositional phrase:( in thirty minutes) word modify:(science) ADJ

Please, help me, these are my answers but i don't know if my answers true or false?!

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  1. 1. It's not an adverb phrase.
    2. to touch is an infinitive
    3. Prepositional phrase do not contain verbs.
    The second phrase is not an adverb phrase and does not modify discovery.
    4. Right.
    5. Prep phrases do not contain verbs.

    I'll be back a little later to check the rest of the questions.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. 6. Right
    7. Right.
    8. Right
    9. Right
    10. word modify:(science) ADJ - no and no

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    Ms. Sue

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