English Language

Grammatical Name and Function of "What they were planning is very good."

Grammatical Name and Function of "The news that Ngozi has recovered is true."

Grammatical Name and Function of "He stopped shouting only when he got into the bus that brought his group."

Grammatical Name and Function of "Mr Ugoeze, the physics teacher, is a good man."

Grammatical Name and Function of " The students had done their work before the teacher arrived."

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  1. I'm not exactly sure what this is asking but I'll try the first one for you. Then you do the rest and I'll check your work.
    What they were planning* = noun clause, subject of the sentence
    is = main verb
    very = adverb
    good = predicate adjective

    *In the noun clause --
    What = direct object
    they = subject
    were planning = verb

    These websites should help you

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