The graph below models the value of a $20,000 car t years after it was purchased.

Which statement best describes why the value of the car is a function of the number of years since it was purchased?

A: Each car value, y, is associated with exactly one time, t.***
B: Each time, t, is associated with exactly one car value, y.
C: The rate at which the car decreases in value is not constant.
D: There is no time, t, at which the value of the car is 0.

Please help me, I took my best guess but I need someone to check for me.

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  1. I think you want B
    y is a function of t.
    review what it means to be a function.

    A and D are also true, but they are not the reason.

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  2. that was not what i was look for but it help me understand so thanks:)

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