1. What type of scientists study the origin and development of man?
A . anthropologists
B. archaeologists
C. economists
D. sociologists

2. What are items(such as pottery shards, weapons, tools, jewelry) used by ancient people’s called?
A. antiques
B. artifacts
C. fossils
D. heirlooms

3. How do scientists know that people lived in South Carolina during prehistoric times ?
A. Scientist found written records
B. Scientist found human remains
C. Scientist discovered ancient maps
D. Scientist listen to Indian stories

4. Which does not describe a way American Indians use mounds?
A. As a place to grow maize and squash
B. As a post to conduct ceremonies
C. As the location for temples
D. As a house for the Chieftain

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  1. Once you post what YOU THINK each answer is, someone here will check your work. No one will hand you all the answers to this or any other test.

  2. UMM.. Hate to burst your bubble Writeacher thats what most people do on here give away answers not opinions.

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  3. what are the answers

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  4. 1.
    A. anthropologists

    B. artifacts

    B. Scientists found human remains

    A. as a place to grow maize and squash

    B. They were nomads

    D. pre-projectile point era

    D. the disappearance of large animals

    C. the domestication and farming of crops

    D. store food for periods of time

    C. palisades

    B. Mississippian era

    B. Mississippian era

    100% I promise. Have a great day!

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  5. I got you is right!! thank u so much!!!

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  6. A

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  8. I got you is right I promise

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  9. I got you is right thank you so much!!!

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  10. oof

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