I’m doing a music test right now and I just wanted someone to just check my answers so I know I’m good!
1.which answer below correctly orders the temp markings from slowest to fastest?
A.allegro, adagio, andante
B.moderato, adagio, allegro***
C.adagio, moderato, allegro
D.andante, moderato, adagio

2.the song happy birthday begins on
A.a downbeat upbeat***
C.neither downbeat, nor upbeat

3.which term is used for the first beat in a measure?
B.first beat***
C.empasized beat

4.which term is used for the last beat in a measure?
B.first beat
C.emphasized beat

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  1. All are wrong.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. number one is c

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  3. 1. C - adagio;moderato;allegro
    2. B - an upbeat.
    3. A - downbeat
    4. D - upbeat

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