Anna is driving from Champaign to Indianapolis on I-74. She passes the Prospect Ave. exit at noon and maintains a constant speed of 75 mph for the entire trip. Chuck is driving in the opposite direction. He passes the Brownsburg, IN exit at 12:30pm and maintains a constant speed of 65 mph all the way to Champaign. Assume that the Brownsburg and Prospect exits are 105 miles apart, and that the road is straight.

How far from the Prospect Ave. exit do Anna and Chuck pass each other?

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  1. From 12:00 to 12:30, Anna goes 37.5 miles
    That means that there remains 67.5 miles to Brownsburg.
    The two cars' combined speed is 140 mi/hr, so it takes 67.5/140 = 0.48 hours to meet.
    I expect you can finish up now, eh?

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  2. Why are we adding the two car's speeds?
    If it is to find the time at which the two cars meet at, wouldn't we be using the [x = (1/2)(V-V(i))*t]?

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