For any circle, which ratio is equal to the number π? Select all that apply.
***A. Circumference

B. Circumference
***C. Circumference
2 Times Radius
D. Radius Squared
E. Diameter
***F. Area
Radius Squared

Which describes the collection of all points in the same plane that are
8 1/2 inches from Point T?
***A. circle T with radius 8 1/2 inches
B. circle T with diameter 8 1/2 inches
C. circle T with radius 17 inches
D. a sphere with center T and radius 8 1/2 inches

The advertised size of a pizza is the diameter of the pizza. Which is closest to the area of the crust of a 15-inch pizza?
A. 707 square inches
***B. 177 square inches
C. 225 square inches
D. 47 square inches

The area of a circle is 78.5 square feet. What is the circumference? Select all that apply.
A. 5 π feet
***B. 10 π feet
C. 20 π feet
D. 15.7 feet
***E. 31.4 feet
F. 62.8 feet

Determine which pizza is the better buy: A 10-inch diameter pizza for $8.99 or a 6-inch diameter pizza for $5.
***A. 10-inch diameter pizza for $8.99
B. 6-inch diameter pizza for $5

A circular marble tabletop has a diameter of 42 inches. If the tabletop costs $280, what is the price per square inch?

A. $0.05
***B. $0.20
C. $4.25
D. $4.95

Garrett wants to make a circular pond in his yard and put a low fence around the edge. What is the largest area pond Garrett can make if he has 136 feet of fencing?
A. 21.66 square feet
B. 468.98 square feet
***C.1472.61 square feet
D.14,519.36 square feet

A circle with radius 16 centimeters is inscribed in a square.
Which is the area of the shaded region?
A. 804.25 square feet
B. 1024 square feet
C. 822.94 square feet
***D. 220.16 square feet

Marlene wants to enclose her circular vegetable garden with fencing to keep rabbits from eating the vegetables. If the diameter of her garden is 14 feet, how much fencing will she need to buy if fencing is sold by the linear foot? Use 3.14 for π.

43.96 Linear feet (my answer)

I've been working on this quiz for about an hour now and would really appreciate it if someone could check my answers

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  1. I have no idea what the shaded region is. If it's the area outside the circle, you are correct.

    In that case, all are correct.
    Good work.

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  2. Thanks Oobleck

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  3. For anyone looking for answers 5 is actually B and 10 is 44

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  4. Are they correct

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  5. Mhm Anonymous

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  6. 1)ACF
    9)circle U u,s u,r u,t
    circle S s,u s,r s,t
    Explanation you have to do ur self
    10) 44

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  7. Lit is right I got a 100%. TYSM you are the littest person ever!

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  8. esto no me ayuda en nada no se necesit la respuesta


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  9. Guys LIT IS RIGHT

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