Choose the correct answer to fill in the table.

Resistance: (fill in)
Assimilation: Becoming a landowner
Escape: the Nez Perce Tribe fleeing to Canada

Which of the following would fit the blank in the chart?

A. Sitting Bull performing in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show
B. the Cheyenne and Arapaho leaving their lands
C. the Battle of Little Bighorn
D. the Sand Creek Massacre

Complete the cause and effect table.
Cause: (fill in)
Effect: Companies began to prioritize advertising and use the services of professional advertising firms.

A. Consumers had more choices for goods to buy from more companies than ever before.
B. The new urban working population and more time and money to spend on shopping.
C. People became less interested in shopping because they struggled to meet their basic needs.
D. The population in the east coast cities was declining as people chose to move out west.

i think the answer is:

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  1. We cannot see your charts and tables.

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  2. was it B for the first one?

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  3. B I guess

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  4. C!!!!

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  5. So are they b and c or just b or just c? I'm confused lol

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  6. so is the answer

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  7. 1.c

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