Write a multi-paragraph informational essay about a current event in the news. You can develop your topic using definition, cause/effect, compare/contrast, classification, or a combination of those strategies to compose your essay. Make sure that you cite your textual evidence and that it is from a reliable news source (not social media). Remember you are not simply summarizing the story, but rather explaining the story and providing background information where it applies in order to inform the reader.

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  1. How would you like us to help you?

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  2. I need help chooseing a topic and where it said but rather explaining the story and providing background information where it applies in order to inform the reader.

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  3. http://guidetogrammar.org/grammar/index.htm

    Click on Essay and Research Paper Level and scroll down to PATTERNS OF ORGANIZATION. Scroll down some more and read about different types of essays and how to organize them.

    This will take some work and is not easy. Make sure you PLAN your paper before writing it and DO NOT try to start writing with the introduction.

    If you want someone to critique your work once you've written it or parts of it, post here.

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  4. sheeshhh

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