United States History A

In the Unit Companion, which activity would be the most helpful for learning the main ideas in each slide of the lesson?
Preview the key topics you will learn about.

Answer a question about each part of the lesson to help your comprehension of the lesson content.

Read summaries of the United States History lessons.

Prepare for the unit assessment by defining and describing each key word

Either A or D. A?

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  1. We don't have access to the units in your lessons. You'll need to be more specific than this.

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  2. B. Answer a question about each part of the lesson to help your comprehension of the lesson content.

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  3. b is correct question 3 is D

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  4. Hey could some one help me with the unit test. Lesson 11: Road to Independence Unit Test
    South Carolina State History 8 A Unit 4: Road to Independence

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  5. when i saw you i felt something i neva felt!

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  6. thank you!

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