2. What type of communication is occurring when Sean Chris flex upon his performance in the state championship basketball game
A. Interpersonal communication
B.intrapersonal Communication*
C. Mass communication
D. Public communication

3. A student has received a D on her English paper and is disgusted with her teacher strategies that she might use to achieve higher grades in the future. The conversation between the student and the teacher is an example of...
A. Interpersonal communication
B. Intraperapersonal Communication
C. Mass communication*
D. Public communication

4. John has been named Valedictorian Of his high school, and while he is proud that he has earned that title he is quite nervous about giving a speech in front of 500 people on graduation day. What type of c ommunication is John nervous about
A.interpersonal Communication
B.intrapersonal Communication
C. Mass communication
D. Public communication*

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  1. Im not sure about number 2, But I disagree with 3. And I agree with number 4.
    I hope this helps!

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    posted by Weather
  2. 4 is right. I don't understand the other two questions.

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