A student finds after applying a certain lotion to a scar, the scar is gone in two days without any side effects. He asks several of his friends who also have scars to use the same lotion. What step of the scientific method is he using?

A) gathering data
B) stating the problem
C) testing a hypothesis
D) drawing a conclusion

Is the answer C?

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asked by T
  1. Disagree. How is the student testing his hypothesis? He is just asking questions.

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    posted by PsyDAG
  2. So then he's gathering data?

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    posted by T
  3. Yes, he's gathering data.

  4. Thank you Ms. Sue!

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    posted by T
  5. Nvm, it was C. I was correct. Oh well

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    posted by T
  6. You're welcome, T.

  7. PsyDAG has been a tutor on Jiskha for many years.

  8. I agree with PsyDAG and Ms. Sue. He is gathering data. I think C is incorrect. He hasn't postulated a hypothesis at this point.

  9. It would make sense that he's gathering data but my school said that was wrong.

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    posted by T
  10. Three of us experienced tutors -- two with PhD degrees -- agree that A is correct.

    We find many of these online school answers are wrong.

  11. Ohh okay

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    posted by T

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