Life orientation

The impact of risky behaviour in social, emotional, physical and spiritual

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  1. I'll be glad to check YOUR answer.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. well the social impact of risk behaviour ;teenagers are the most easily influenced by risk behaviour and if a teener is 'afflicted' with just one like drugs ,the influence could be similar to a virus that could a lot more teeners .they are most curious type of their sensitive age

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  3. The impact of risky behavior

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  4. Assessment

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  5. interview about Risk behavior

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  6. Social

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  7. Socially it can have an impact on a persons family and friends because if you use drugs and alcohol you may show signs of aggression and you get depresses and you start pushing people out of your life

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  8. What are the impacts of risky behaviour on different spheres of well-being by conducting with at least four interviews

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  9. It how they inteact with people who are surroundings

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  10. Summarise the findings on the impact of risky teenage behavior on well being referred to social sphere and spiritual sphere

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  11. examine the impact of risky behaviour on thediffere spheres (social, emotional,physical and spiritual) of well being by conducting interviews with at least four young people

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