A runner has four different pairs of shoes. If two shoes are selected at random, what is the probability that they will be a matching pair?

Answer: 1/7
Thanks for any help

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  1. Do you want an explanation? It's 1 out of 7 because you took a shoe already, and need another shoe to make a pair. The odds of that second shoe matching the one you already picked is 1/7.

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  2. The number of pairs = C(8,2) = 28
    the number of matching pairs = 4

    prob of picking a matching pair = 4/28 = 1/7

    in the answer given by "." : "The odds of that second shoe matching the one you already picked is 1/7."
    They meant to say : The probability of the second shoe matching the one you already picked is 1/7.

    If you wanted the odds, then
    prob of match = 1/7
    prob of no match = 6/7

    odds in favour of a match = 1/7 : 6/7
    = 1 : 6

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  3. 2018 hsc practice question aye

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  4. I dont understand what "Reiny" means by c(2,8) what is c and why is it in an (x,y) form????

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