What are rhymes in swift things are
beautiful poem?

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asked by Aye
  1. This one?


    Swift Things are Beautiful
    by Elizabeth Coatsworth

    Swift things are beautiful:
    Swallows and deer,
    And lightening that falls
    Bright-veined and clear,
    Rivers and meteors,
    Wind in the wheat,
    The strong-withered horse,
    The runner's sure feet.

    And slow things are beautiful:
    The closing of day,
    The pause of the wave
    That curves downward to spray,
    The ember that crumbles,
    The opening flower,
    And the ox that moves on
    In the quiet of power.

    Yes, there are rhymes. Have you read this out loud? If not, be sure to do so, and you'll find the words that rhyme. In poetry, nearly all rhyming is done at the ends of lines.

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