I posted this question yesterday. I need to find the perimeter of a shape with two unknown sides. The sides I have are 3x, 2x, 6x-5, 5x-2 . They do not give me total perimeter . I get 1 Mark for each missing side length, 1 Mark for each calculation, and 1 Mark for correct perimeter

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asked by Cherie
  1. looks to me like all 4 sides are unknown.
    If those are all the sides, then the perimeter is just their sum, as for any polygon:

    3x + 2x + 6x-5 + 5x-2 = 16x-7

    I suspect there is something you are not sharing...

  2. you are given four sides with two missing ... so a hexagon
    ... concave or convex?
    ... not regular, based on the given values

    there does not seem to be sufficient information

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    posted by R_scott

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