Which option most accurately describes President Herbert Hoover’s economic policies on fighting the effects of the Great Depression?

President Hoover took no action and relied purely on laissez-faire economics and reduced government intervention.
President Hoover sought to hold up the declining stock market by dumping large volumes of gold into the market.
President Hoover provided bailouts for large banks believing that the loans would filter down to average Americans.
President Hoover focused on improving expenditures, farming, wages, immigration, commerce, and taxation to improve the conditions of the Great Depression.

It isn't A, I remember him trying to help with the great depression and failing. For some reason I doubt it is B. is it C?

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  1. or D?

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  2. Modern historians seem divided upon Hoover's reactions to the Great Depression. Please go with what your reading assignment says.

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    Ms. Sue
  3. ok im gonna go with c

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