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A Professor in havard University, Sent His Phone Number In A Disorderly Manner To His Brilliant Students. The Disordered Phone Number Was 64001128454.
To Know His Real Phone Number, He Gave The Students The Following Conditions;
1. Eight (8) Must Comes In Between Two Zeroes (0's).
2. The First Number After The First Condition Is Met Must Not Be An Odd Number And It Must Be Greater Than 5.
3. The Seventh Number Must Be 1.
4. The Fifth And Sixth Number Must Be Two Numbers Whose Difference Is 1 And The Bigger Number Must Comes First.
5. The Fifth And Sixth Numbers Are Greater Than 2.
6. The Ninth And Tenth Numbers Are The Same.
7. The Eighth Number Is Greater Than The Last Number.
8. The Phone Number Must Be Eleven Digits.
What Was The Professor's Real Phone
i need to understand the arithemtic way to these answer

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  1. Interesting, start with an observation.
    To have 11 digits, we must have a 1 at the start, (for long distance?)
    Since the area code of Harvard and most of Massachusetts is 617, and there is no 7 in his scrambled number ...... ?????
    anyhow .....

    we must see 080 as a block of numbers by #1
    #2, we could have a block of 0806, 0808 , but there is only one 8 and I used it, so it must be 0806
    #3 we must have 1 xxx xx1 xxxx
    possibilities so far:

    1 x08 061 xxxx
    1 080 6x1 xxxx , not possible, no area code starts with 0
    1 xx0 806 1xxx, not possible, 1 not in 7th place, violates #3
    1 xxx xx1 0806

    numbers left over: 42454
    For #4, the only two numbers left with a difference of 1 are 4 and 5
    with 5 in 5th and 4 in 6th position
    so we are down to 1 xxx 541 0806

    Sofar all conditions including #5 are met , we have 4,2,4 left
    Can't meet any of the remaining conditions!

    Check over my logic, I can't see any error in it

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  2. see the answer 08065412441

    but i need the steo

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  3. If that is the answer, it is an invalid phone number, as I stated in my
    first part of the reply.

    All phone numbers in the US and Canada have a 3 digit area code
    followed by 7 numbers for a total of 10 digits.
    If you call long distance, usually you have to put a 1 in front, but it is
    usually not written. Since Harvard is in Mass, you answer is not a valid
    phone number.
    e.g. one phone number for Harvard:
    Harvard University Public Affairs & Communications
    Tel: (617) 495-1585

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  4. 08075412454

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  5. 08065121441

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  6. 08065412441

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