a uniform pole,PQ 30m long of mass 4kg is carried by a boy at p and a man 8m away from Q.find the distance from p where a mass of 20kg should be attached so that the man's support is twice that of the boy,if the system is in equilibrium.[g=10m/s~-2]

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  1. total mass is 24 kg (20 + 4)
    ... so man should be supporting 16 kg , and boy supporting 8 kg

    working from p
    ... center of mass of PQ is 15 m
    ... man is supporting at 22 m
    ... 22 * support = 15 * 4 kg ... support = 60/22 kg
    ... 20 kg * d = (16 kg - 60/22 kg) * 22 m

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  2. i dnt understand pls explain it clearly

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  3. Explain further for mine understanding,please

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