early childhood

Which of the following statements is true of the decision-making model?

A. It enables one to avoid making decisions.

B. It takes a hesitant approach to making decisions.

C. It strives to avoid getting caught up in emotion.

D. It strives for a high level of emotion in the process.

my answer is C.

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  1. In US government, A is very true for many models.
    B is true for complex decisions, and the tradeoff is always the cost of time delaying decisions (...until we have better info or such)
    C is also true in many models, however I assure you, a separate flag waving crowd will offer cheers and boos all along.
    D is wrong
    In child guidance decisions, I agree with you, C is the best choice

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  2. I like Bob's reply.

    My issue with this question is that we at Jiskha don't know what is included in "the decision-making model" you refer to.

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  3. I assumed the systems analysis model, (also called Operational Analysis or Systems Approach)>

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