What caused the United States to enter World War II on the side of the allies?
A. Germany’s attack on Britain
B. Japan’s attack on the pearl harbor Hawaii 👈This one
C.Germany’s invasion in Poland
Germany’s invasion in Poland
D. Japan’s occupation of the parts of China

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  1. Yes, you're right.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Ty

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  3. yeah

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  4. ALRIGHTY So here are my answers tot his question (THESE ARE CORRECT!)

    1.)Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii *****
    2.) Island-Hopping*****
    3.)The genocide of European Jews*****
    4.)Germany: Took control of Austria, seized czechoslovakia
    Italy: Invaded Ethiopia
    Japan: Attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
    5.)Battle of Bulge

    Anyway these are the answers. You don't have to trust me. I respect every one who wouldn't but I am jus trying to help out some of you guys grades. -.- But yeah, this works for Connexus Students in 7th grade.
    Thank You <3

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    follow me thxxx!

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  5. Thank you and I oop :))

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  6. yay another recent one this is GREAT!


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  7. All of them are right by the way

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  8. Bye The Way.

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