What is the solubility product constant expression for aluminum hydroxide?

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  1. Al(OH)3 ==> Al^3+ + 3OH^-

    Ksp = ?. You know Ksp = numerator/denominator.
    numerator = product of the products and raise each to the same power as the coefficients.
    denominator = products of the reacdtants and raise each to the same ower as the coefficients.\
    All Ksp expressions are done the same way.

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  2. Ksp expressions do not have the solid form of the substance of interest in the equilibrium expression. The concentration of salt is infinitely larger than the concentration of ions delivered into solution and is therefore considered a constant. This simplifies the Ksp expression to be ...
    Al(OH)₃(s) => Al⁺³(aq) + 3OHˉ(aq)
    Keq = [Al⁺³(aq)][OHˉ(aq)]³/[Al(OH)₃(s)] => Keq∙ [Al(OH)₃(s)] = Constant (Ksp) = [Al⁺³][OHˉ]³

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  3. oops.Doc is right.What I wrote is the Keq which would be
    Al(OH)3 ==> Al^3+ + 3OH^-
    Keq = (Al^3+)(OH-)^3/[Al(OH)3]
    By definition the activity of Al(OH)3 = 1 and Keq = Ksp
    By definition, Ksp = the product of the products of the reaction each raised to a power indicated by the coefficient of that product. Sorry about that.

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