I have the question posted here ~ ht tps:// brainly .com/question/12664261
An image is attached, I really can't understand the perimeter of the triangle.
triangle #1 = a= 18 b= 3 c= 42
triangle #2 = a= 9 b= 21 c=9
I tried calculators but they don't work.

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asked by Madi
  1. you do know that the perimeter is just the sum of all the sides, right?
    you cannot add 3 numbers?

    your URL just took me to a google search form, not your image.

  2. Sorry, there are spaces in the link, and really? I used the perimeter calculator to add all the sides together but it was saying the numbers weren't acceptable.

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    posted by Madi
  3. well, in that case, you have to ask why that might be.
    Take a look at the first "triangle."
    Suppose you lay down the side c, of length 42
    Now stretch out the other two sides. They are not long enough to even cover the base, let alone rise above it to form a triangle.

    In any triangle, each side must be less than the sum of the other two sides.
    So, if the sides, in order of length are a,b,c then you must have
    b-a < c < b+a

    This is not true for either of the figures listed above.

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