social studies

Drag and drop the country names to classify them by type of economy that they have today.

a. China, b. Japan ,c. Mongolia, d. North Korea

1.command economy
2. market-based economy,
3. command economy with limited market reforms

i think that A is 2, B is 1, C is 3, and D is 2. Am i right?

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  1. you gucci my g

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  2. Your answer is wrong. The correct answer is.. North Korea is a command Economy, Japan and Mongolia are market based economy’s, and China is a command economy with limited market reforms.

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  3. *North Korea* is a command economy, *Japan* and *South Korea* are market-based economies, and *China* is a command economy with limited market reforms

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  4. The answer is
    Command economy
    Mixed market economy
    Pure market economy

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  5. what are the right answers?

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