Garrett throws a dart at a circular dart board. The dart board has a radius of 15 inches, and the bull’s eye in the center of the dart board has a radius of 2 inches. What is the probability that a dart thrown at random within the dartboard will hit the bull’s eye? Round your answer to the nearest tenth, if necessary.

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  1. The ratio of the radii is 2/15
    so, the ratio of the areas is (2/15)^2

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  2. so 1.8?

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  3. How did you get that?
    The probability of any event is 0 ≤ p ≤ 1
    so you should have realized that a probability of 1.8 is not possible
    (2/15)^2 = 4/225

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  4. well , 1.8 was correct.

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