a sample containing bacl2.2h2o,kcl snd inert material weighed 0.8417g. after heating the sample at 160c for 45 minutes it weighed 0.8076g. the sample was then desolved in water and treated with the slight excess of agno3. the resulting precipitate was collected and found to weigh 0.5847g. calculate the % bacl2.2h2o and kcl in the sample

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  1. mass H2O driven off at 160 C = 0.8417 - 0.8076 = ?
    Convert grams H2O to mols. mols = g/molar mass = ?
    1/2 that = mols BaCl2.2H2O.
    Convert to grams BaCl2.2H2O. g = mols x molar mass = ?
    %BaCl2.2H2O = (g BaCl2.2H2O/mass sample)*100 = ?

    How much AgCl would we get from the BaCl2.2H2O? That's
    mass BaCl2.2H2O x (2*molar mass AgCl/molar mass BaCl2.2H2O) = ??
    0.5847 g AgCl total - g AgCl from BaCl2.2H2O = ? = mass AgCl from KCl.
    Convert mass AgCl from KCl to grams KCl. That's g AgCl x (molar mass KCl/molar mass AgCl) = ?
    Finally % KCl = (grams KCl/mass sample)*100 = ?
    Post your work if you get stuck.

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  2. what is the mass sample

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