Drivers Ed

Drivers Ed
5. Which of these statements is true of roundabouts? (1 point) Roundabouts are less safe than intersections with traffic signals. Roundabouts are more dangerous for pedestrians. Roundabouts increase the capacity of busy roadways. All traffic in roundabouts moves clockwise.
6. What is an advantage of a roundabout over a controlled intersection? (1 point) Roundabouts contain lights to direct traffic. Head-on collisions are eliminated. Left turns are allowed. Pedestrians are not allowed.
7. A railroad crossing is indicated by a (1 point) white, rectangular sign. red, octagon sign. yellow, triangular sign. white, X-shaped sign.
8. If left turns are not prohibited after a left-turn arrow ends, what strategy should you use to complete the turn? (1 point) Assume oncoming traffic yields to you. Stop near the center of the intersection. Turn left ahead of other traffic. Treat it as an unprotected left turn.
9. Red lights and crossing gates indicate (1 point) an uncontrolled intersection. a controlled railroad crossing. an uncontrolled railroad crossing. a controlled intersection.
10. Generally, you may turn right on red providing you (1 point) slow before turning. prepare to stop for traffic. treat the light as you would a stop sign. slow enough to have good visibility.
am i right

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  1. 5.A - no
    6.D - no
    7.A - no
    8.C - no
    9.B - yes!
    10.D - no!

    The bad news is that you're failing driver's ed.
    The good news is that you're a long way from getting your driver's license.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. 5.B

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  3. 10 is right now.

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    Ms. Sue
  4. 5.C
    Hope this helps

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